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Over thousands of years aloe has proved to be one of the most important healing plants of all medicine cultures. The Aloe Medical Group International combines tried and tested formulas with new scientific findings. AMGI brings together a network of doctors, medical therapists and private individuals who pay an interest in matters of personal health. All of the members of the Aloe Medical Group International have access to the material which we have gathered and worked on for years. The exchange between the members on interdisciplinary subjects is a valuable contribution to our progression. We do wish for our members to show an interest and actively commit themselves, in doing so our united network will grow and become stronger.

Benefits for members

  • Supply and use of our corporate identity
  • Acceptance into the member search function: full text search
  • Acceptance into the link list
  • Use of all offers, downloads, newsletter, shop and download of complete information folder for new customers
  • Blank forms in corporate design to create your own invitations
  • Opportunity to order acquisition material (letter paper, business cards, flyers and much more)
  • Access to the years of professional experience of many doctors and therapists of all specialisations via our member list
  • access to long-term experience of many doctors and therapists from all areas, throuh the members list
  • Studies and articles in specialised magazines
  • Current dates: health forums, therapist forums, seminars etc


Please declare your complete personal data, as this data will be used for later created prints (like business cards). The annual fee for the AMGI membership will cost 72€ (incl. statutory VAT).

During the registration you can decide weather or not to have a own little mini-homepage. Our web designer Max Herrmann can take over the creation and maintenance of the mini-homepage (for a fee).

Due to security reasons we highly recommand to change the password. After this you can easily log into our website and enjoy all the member’s advantages.

As soon as your data has been checked the access will be activated and you will recieve your admission certificate and password by e-mail. After you recieved your passwort you can log onto the website and enjoy the members priviliges.

For any question please contact