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What exactly is meant by “100% Aloe vera”?

Some of the so called aloe products on the market actually contain very little aloe vera powder concentrate (which itself is 100% pure) which is diluted in water. The true aloe vera content of these products after dilution is only 1 – 4 %. In this case 100% only means the lack of other fruit or vegetable juices. As proven in the past, the drying process and the following processing to powder respectively concentrate destroys the therapeutic potential of the aloe vera. Products based on powder concentrate therefore lack the important vital components of the original fresh gel. Baring these facts in mind the superior products are always produced on the basis of naturally stabilised aloe vera gel and contain over 89% of the effective components.

Does the aloe vera juice smell and taste of aloe?

Products from naturally stabilised aloe vera gel should never taste too good. The pure gel is very tart and commands an acquired taste. This taste is so distinct that it cannot even be disguised by adding fruit concentrates, the tartness is a sign of an excellent quality naturally stabilised aloe vera gel. Luckily one usually quickly develops the acquired taste for the aloe vera gel and it is very pleasant.

The Question about the significance of the Aloe leaf skin comes up quite frequently:

The skin of the Aloe leaf contains Antrachinone. It is a strong laxative substance, which, if frequently consumed, can become carcinogenic. It is suspected that it can cause Colon Cancer. It is not recommended by any doctor to consume products that contain Aloe skin. Forever Living uses the skin exclusively for the sustainable fertilization of the Aloe plantations.

In a process to extract the gel, which was patented 35 years ago, lasers are used to separate the skin from the valuable gel very carefully, so that there is no chance that any of the Aloin ends up in the products. This avoids any further filtration of the aloe gel. Other companies often advertise that the Aloin is filtered out from the gel itself. Unfortunately, you cannot filter anything without the risk of filtering out other substances that are of value in the end product which then do not become of any benefit to the user.

Which stabilisation process is used during processing?

Only a carefully stabilised product – within 4 – 6 hours after harvest – contains all of the valuable components of fresh aloe vera gel in its natural composition.

Why do FLP Cosmetic Products contain Preservatives?

Preservation has to happen one way or the other, for example, if you want to avoid that your skin product will spoil within short time. Forever Living has chosen the most natural preservatives as possible, which do not harm the human organism.

How fast does the plant have to be processed in order to avoid a plants usual loss of valuable ingredients?

After harvesting the plant, it must be processed within 3 – 4 hours. This is only possible if the factory is in close proximity to the plantation. Forever Living Products holds a world-wide Patent for a special stabilization process which is necessary in order to avoid a quality of loss when the plants are stored. 

Do Athletes use Aloe Products and if so why?

Athletes need optimal supply of nutrients for better performance and faster regeneration. Such products have to be listed on the Koelner List in order to prove that they are drug free. Forever Living Products, such as Argi+ (which is rich in arginin), the vegan protein shake Ultra Shake Mix, the energy drink FAB and many others are on the Koelner List.

Do I have to consult my doctor when using aloe products?

Forever Living Products distributes products in the sectors of beauty, weight management, sport, and food supplements in order to support a healthy metabolism. If your doctor does ask you about it, you should certainly tell him that you are using the products.

Can I order products from every AMGI member?

SomeAMGI members are active Forever Living Distributors, therefore you can order products directly from them.

Do AMGI members consult their clients with regards to the products?

Any time and with pleasure.