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If you have any further questions about our Network, about FLP or the FLP Products, please do not hesitate to ask.
Yours, Dr. Susanne Schwemmlein:

Where does the manufacturer get the used aloe vera plants?

There are manufacturers who once or twice a year buy large quantities of aloe vera plants and store them intermediary until they actually process. Choose a producer who grows their own aloe vera barbadensis plants on their own fields. Only then is freshness and nutritional value guaranteed.

Who is behind the AMGI Group and why was this group founded?

The founder of the Aloe Medical Group International is Dr. Susanne Schwemmlein. Her aim was to provide all members of this portal with the gathered knowledge of Doctors, Therapists and Laiman interested in Health and wellness of the human body.

FLP often gets accused on the Internet of being a Snowball System. Why is that?

A lot of people use words and/or phrases without proper background knowledge on the Internet today. A snowball system is illegal. In a proper Snowball system, quite often no products exist at all, and money flows just one way between the members, which is from the bottom up to the top. Members earn their income from having signed up other people into the system. Nothing gets produced or sold in a Snowball scheme. There is no real benefit for individual, and it is just a mere movement of money. Such systems have very short lifespans. Essentially they start to collapse after a few months and they mostly get discovered and are shut down by financial authorities. 

A good example of a Snowball System is the following: Please send a check to the top address on the list. Then delete the top address and add yours at the bottom. Send the new list to as many people as you know. You will be a millionaire soon.
Source: ‘The Power of Network Marketing by Wolfram Andes.

How much should a high quality Aloe Drink cost?

Pure products made out of naturally stabilised Aloe Vera Gel are not cheap, because of the complexity of the stabilisation process and the amount of manual labour involved. They can’t be and they never will be cheap. Prices that range around 30 Euro per Liter of Aloe Vera Juice are normal. We recommend the intake of 60 – 100ml per day. This is plenty for your body needs. One liter then lasts for about 15 to 25 Days.

Attention: There are Companies that offer smaller volumes of product in order to achieve an optical decrease in cost, so they can put a lower number on the labels. (E.g. 500ml for 13 or 15€). For creams based on naturally stabilized Aloe Vera Gel you should be prepared to pay around 15 to 18 €. Depending on additional ingredients the cost can easily amount to around 20 – 45€. For such prices you should however expect excellent quality. As Aloe Vera Gel enters your skin very easily, just very small amounts are needed, and your crème should last for a long time.

What advantage does the AMGI members have from FOREVER Living’s Multi-Level-Marketing System?

AMGI members profit from the high quality of knowledge surrounding the issue of health, because of the caliber of therapists in our group. Our therapists advise with regards to how to use the products on a high level. Such a solid background helps to aid individuals who already have an interest in the products and who would like to build up their own business structure with Forever Living.

Thank you so much for all the help over all those years. I learnt so much from Dr. Schwemmlein. I profit myself from the high quality of the products, and I am able to pass this on to others. It is just such joy to help other people with smaller or bigger problems. And there is also the extra money.

Monika Gleichauf-Schmidt

Why does AMGI solely recommend products from FLP?

The reason for our recommendation is because of the long-lasting great experiences with the products from Forever Living amongst the whole team. In addition, Forever Living is very transparent and has very strong trading ethics. 

What is the meaning of the Company name ‘Forever Living Products’?

The name Forever Living Products is often misunderstood. Certainly, it does not try to convey consummation of their product makes one immortal. The correct translation of their name means, that the product range will live forever. That was what the founder of the Company, Rex Maughan wanted to express from the very beginning. His Products are unbeatable in their quality. Something I just can support entirely. (Dr. Susanne Schwemmlein)

How are the future prospects in Network Marketing from FLP?

Excellent. The market is far from saturated. Most people have never even heard of FLP.

Why do so many serious medical practitioners believe in FLP Products?

The interest in and demand for natural products is on a constant rise. People use Forever Living Products because of their high quality and customer satisfaction.