“My way is the holistic medicine”

About me:
My name is Dr. Susanne Schwemmlein and I have training in Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Orthomolecular Medicine and modern Mayr Medicine.

How did you get to know Forever?
I got to know the Company in 2002 indirectly through a friend of mine who is a pediatrician. I became curious and wanted the to try the products. The results were so stunning, that I am now an enthusiastic customer at Forever to this day. 

How do you feel about the name of the Company?
Forever is often misunderstood. It certainly is not supposed to convey that the consumer of these products becomes immortal. Correctly translated, Forever Living Products means that the Product range will last forever. That is precisely what the founder Rex Maughan tried to express. His products are unbeatable with regards to their quality. I have to admit, I can support this wholeheartedly.

Could you give us a few words about the image:
There are a lot of thoughts in people’s minds. The fact of the matter is that the Company is absolutely clean and withstands any skeptical scrutiny.

How do you work with Forever?
I use the products on a daily basis, and train people within seminars on how to use them. Through quality training, people learn to help themselves, as well as apply and encourage health stability.

How can I earn money with Forever?
Forever is a large, traditional, stable and responsible family company. Forever does not invest in advertising, but in the satisfaction of the customer, as well as in the quality and state of the art development of the Products. The spare capital earnt by the company goes into an exclusive payment program, which is then handed down to its distributors.

Can I work with Forever as my main occupation?
It is a great job. You earn money because people feel that they feel fitter and healthier and more efficient using the Products. This kind of success you enjoy to share with other people can also be on an international level. The company is represented in approximately 80% of all countries worldwide with their own agencies. That is why the build up of an internationally operating business is an easy option.

How are the future prospects with Forever?
In a world in which the costs to maintain health systems are exploding, prevention gathers more and more importance. In addition, more and more patients will demand from their medical practitioner to combine traditional methods with alternative therapies. The keyword here is ‘Integrative Medicine’, which means to reduce side effects of traditional medicines by integrating alternative methods. Whoever is open and aware of this tendency in our society, fits perfectly into our group.