Aloe vera for our pets

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Anyone who has heard my joint lecture (with Dr. Schwemmlein, the founder of the “Aloe Medical Group”), knows how effective Forever products are in my area of ​​work. I would not want to do without it anymore and together with my wife we ​​also build a good network.

Dr. Allessandro Benvenuti, surgical veterinarian, naturopath, homeopath, ortomolecular and mitochondrial medicine for animals

“In my Veterinary Office I have used the Aloe Products of Forever Living for many years and with great success. As I use holistic methods based on natural healing practices, these Products, with their great quality aid my work in a very effective way. I use Aloe Vera products every day for therapy and they have an important role in my office.”

Ingrid Daffner, Veterinary natural healing practitioner, Peissenberg