Acemannan – The Main Active Ingredient of the Aloe Vera Plant

Synergy effects

The main active ingredient in the Aloe Vera Plant is Acemannan. It belongs to the family of the healthy natural sugar molecules called mucoplysacharide. Acemannan strengthens and supports the immune system by activating the Makrophagi (The Scavanger Cells), the antibodies, and the killer cells. It lowers the tendancy of the body to develop allergies. Hence, Acemannan possesses characteristics that stimulate the immune system, are antiviral, antibacterial, and antimykotic (Antifungal). This means that Aloe Vera can prohibit Candida growth. Just a few plants (amongst others Topinambur, Oniom, Potato, Aloe Vera) are able to act praebiotically. Praebiotica act as a food for the Bacteria in our intestines and are able to support healthy intestinal flora. It is especially the Acemannan which appears to enforce the production of butyrat. Butyrat belongs to the short-chain fatty acids, which are of immense importance for the intestinal immune system. Acemannan is also able to protect the bone marrow from the influence of drugs and poisons. There are studies in America that try to determine if Acemannan is not able to crack the outer coating of cancer cells. Through embedding Acemannan into the Cell membranes, the immunesystem gathers strength as a result. Other Plants contain Acemannan, e.g. Ginseng, the Astragulus Root, and Shitake Mushrooms. 

However, Aloe Vera contains, next to Acemannan, 12 other polysaccharides, as well as a series of enzymes, minerals, aethereal oils, saponin and lignin (secundary active ingredients). Similar to the willow bark, Aloe Vera contains Salicyl acid. Salicyl acid can be called natures Aspirin. It lowers pain and inhibits inflammation in the body. The interplay of all these ingredients makes the Aloe Vera plant an all round agent that is able to enhance our health. Because Aloe Vera is not only used in traditional medical science for a long time, but also gathers more and more popularity in connection with natural healing methods nowadays, there now exists a whole series of empirical studies and experiences about the beneficial results, whenever food is supplemented with Aloe Vera.