Health care with aloe vera

Aloe Medical Group International

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As a surgeon, I am usually skeptical. However I admit that after all I have come to appreciate some products of Forever and I would not want to miss them.

Dr. Dr. Guido Di Mascio, Oral-, Jaw-, Face-Surgeon from Munich

The immense potential of the Aloe Vera Plant is not taught in schools or universities. The Aloe-Medical-Group showed us the great benefits of Aloe Vera’s healing power and how much good can be achieved with it. By now, we have benefitted immensely through both working with the Aloe plant and the constant transfer of knowledge within the Network of therapists in the AMGI - Group.

Dr. Gertrud Fabel, dentist, alternative practitioner, Munich

Thanks to Dr. Schwemmlein I have got to know the products of Forever and their value for a healthy living.
As a result my live has changed. I feel much better in all respects. The cooperation with the "Aloe Medical Group" made it possible for me to quit my job at the State railway. I've gained a lot and achieved a completely new standard of living - also for the people who surround me I can change life. 

Roberta Casolini