About us

Aloe Medical Group International
Dr. med. Schwemmlein, Aleo Medical Group

Founder Dr. Susanne Schwemmlein

My classical homeopathic and naturopathic education was the foundation on which I established my own practise in the city of Munich in 1997 – I have a passion and great interest for alternative methods of healing. In 2002, I began the intense research and study into the healing qualities of the aloe vera plant. With an enthusiastic outlook in order to broaden and enhance my knowledge I came into contact with doctors who shared my interests and fascination for the aloe vera plant developing friendships and exchanging observations.

In collaboration with various specialist colleagues, our practical collective experiences were gathered and our tried and tested methods were combined with the most recent scientific findings. The results were very positive, especially regarding the various problems with the immune system, the mucous membranes, the gastrointestinal tract, the skin and musculoskeletal system.

Aloe Vera Medical Group International is a platform for the interdisciplinary exchange of all medical specialists based on the interactive collaboration of patients and other individuals who are interested in their well-being. As a result, a future-oriented form of networking that involves a broad variety of interesting activities came into being.


Health forums

These events provide the opportunity to receive further education from specialised lectures who speak on various topics of health. “Self-responsibility through knowledge”

The aim: Therapists train one another and provide their information to interested members or for that matter to anyone who maintains an active interest in self-determined health care. This innovative concept offers the opportunity for everyone to develop a second pillar of financial support. 



Aloe does not necessarily mean aloe. The seminars bring to light many interesting facts about the quality and areas of application of the aloe vera products. For decades now our partner company has been the world-wide leader in this sector.